POETS + PROSE artisans

how your clothes are made matters to us, as does sustainable livelihoods for our partners. therefore, we've chosen to work with small communities of experienced tailors like Mas Aris and his family. combined, they have over 50 years of tailoring experience, and boasts insightful knowledge about textiles. best of all, they've become dear friends through the entire process.

plus, we find the advantages of working with small communities far outweigh factories. 

a few spring to mind readily;
    • forging closer working and personal relationships with your partners, and being closely involved from start to finish
    • sharing new ideas and genuine feedback
    • small batch production is achievable, and ensures exclusivity of each collection and helps to reduce massive overall wastage
    • better communication each step of the way, and every last scrap may be repurposed together for new products 

always smiling!

we're infinitely grateful and honoured to be working with our friends, and we wouldn't have it any other way!


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