about BE MAAD

BE MAAD is a french jewelry brand born out of its founder, Laura's, love for jewelry. Sincere, high-quality and everyday jewelry.

Laura is a self-taught designer, and learned to understand jewelry by getting familiar with the raw materials and the art of jewelry making - she always has a pen in hand to sketch a new piece following her inspirations.

She infuses her collections with her personal inspirations, creative and classic all at once, to create jewelry that will fit every woman's style, without compromising on pieces with character - "be mad".

Laura designs every single piece. First, she starts with a sketch, converts it to a 3D image, and then a mold and prototype. She finishes the prototypes herself, and ensures they're up to expectations before confirming production. The designs are then handmade in small batches using high quality semi-precious stones, and traditional craftsmanship techniques paired with cutting-edge technology to ensure the longevity of each piece.

Here's an intimate look at the craftsmanship that goes into each piece (no welding nor assembly process with Be Maad designs!):


More about your BE MAAD piece:

BE MAAD uses the latest technological advances from Germany to ensure a minimum of 1-3 microns, which ensures good quality gold-plating. You may wear your jewelry on a daily basis and it won't tarnish. However, as with all gold jewelry, after some time, the plating will become less saturated and shiny compared to a new piece. To keep your pieces shiny for a long time, refrain from wearing it in the water or during a workout. Put it on last to avoid contact with chemicals, and store it separately in one of our specially-made bags which is provided with every purchase.

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