Road Trip Essentials - A Packing List

Off on a road trip? Spur-of-the-moment or otherwise, we've got a list of essentials to help you make the most of it!

Car Food

Always important, especially if you're constantly hungry (like us!). The best car snacks should include protein, since protein helps satisfy those pesky hunger pangs.

Prepare them in advance: Apple slices, baby carrots, peanut butter sandwich, 

Get them quick at the supermarket: Energy bars, beef jerky, sunflower seeds, yogurt, string cheese and crackers, almonds 

Storing your treats in a designated food tote is a great idea, so you'll always know where they're at.


Goes without saying. We always recommend buying those large bottles of water at the supermarkets and bringing a couple of water bottles from home to refill them into. Juice boxes and 


Paper towels, tissues, wet wipes, hand sanitiser and toilet paper are definitely essentials during a roadtrip. These keep you and your car clean!

Grocery bags 

Great when you've cleaned up and need a temporary solution to put your trash away! 

Car Charger

In this day and age, something most people can't live without. This charges your phone/ipod/tablet.

Google Maps/GPS Navigator/ Physical Maps

If you're able to plan your route out beforehand, great! Download maps or bring physical ones. Even on spontaneous trips, Google maps or a GPS navigation system is a lifesaver for when you get spectacularly lost and need to find a road. 

Emergency Car Kit

A kit that should always be left in your case, whether you're on a roadtrip or otherwise. You never know when you'll need it.

First-aid Kit

There's more fun to be had when you're healthy, and a first-aid kit can make all the difference. Pills-wise, diarrheal medication, motion sickness medication, aspirin for headache and fever decongestants are smart things to take. Besides those, antiseptic, antifungal creams, gauze, insect repellant, plasters, scissors, sunblock lotion are some other things to pack in a cute little designated kit box for.


Comfortable clothes, scarf/blanket & pillows

Comfortable clothes are key to when travelling. Avoid those tight jeans, or any clothing that restricts and binds. Your body will take you for it and you can always change when you arrive at your destination. Practical shoes, such as slip-ons, that are easy to take on and off are great, and they won't make your feet smell!

A scarf or blanket helps keep you cosy on long rides as well, and a pillow from home may help you sleep better in unfamiliar hotels.



Sunnies - every single time. This helps protect your eyes from the sun's spiteful glare while driving, and generally helps you nap better during daytime!

Roadtrip Playlist

A playlist is great for the times when you're sick of the radio songs on replay, or when reception's poor and all you hear is static. A backup plan is always a good option.


Pretty obvious, but yes, a camera to capture all your magical moments!

Optional (Car Seat Organizer)

from Amazon

This isn't strictly essential, but it makes things so much easier (anyone ever get annoyed looking for food/items and turning the car upside down, arms outstretched, reaching out for the numerous identical grocery bags in the backseat, just to find that must-have bar? Too many times.) 


A quick Summary Checklist:

Car Food
Grocery/Garbage bags
Car Charger
Google Maps/GPS Navigator/Physical Maps
Emergency Car Kit
First Aid Kit
Comfortable clothes, scarf/blanket/pillows
Roadtrip Playlist
(Optional) Car Seat Organizer


So there you go, some of the things we here at twobakedbuns bring along on your roadtrip. Do you have something to add in this list or a story perhaps? Sound off in the comments below! We love hearing from you.


xx twobakedbuns


  • This is such a great list ! I actually just came home from a 2 week long road trip in the car with my husband and 2 kids and I can say you didn’t miss a thing. The healthy snacks are an absolute must so not to be tempted with other expensive and unhealthy items and we actually got a flat tire on the second day so I can not say enough about how important it is to be prepared!!! Such a great , informative post!

    Jennifer Lee Quattrucci
  • I have to agree, I can never travel without two things, comfy clothes and a camera! Always got to be prepared!

    Luke Ross
  • A car charger and sunglasses are my must haves for any day.

  • This is a perfect summer road trip list! I always love car snacks so thanks for the recco on a healthy and filling alternative to potato chips haha

    Anthony @oh_anthonio
  • Sounds like a great list, but I do actually have one thing to add and this is from own experience during a road trip that made the road trip 8 hours longer stuck in the middle of nowhere and that is: an extra container of gasoline which will make sure you can drive those 4 miles to the next gas station if you run out of gas. Happened to me once and after that I’ve always hade some extra gas with me as well. :)
    Thomas xx

    Thomas Falkenstedt

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