Protect yourself: 5 ways to seek shade this summer

Ahhh, summertime. As the saying goes; sun's out, bun's out! Warm weather, beach days, and fun in the sun guarantee more days outside enjoying the rays. But too much of a good thing can sometimes turn bad... so to prevent that, here are our top 5 tips to stay burn-free and healthy this summer!

1) Sunscreen

In general, doctors recommend a minimum suncreen with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 15, it's recommended to go higher, especially for the face; at at least SPF 30 for better protection.  Choose a water-resistant with sunscreen with broad spectrum protection and try to reapply every two hours. I know what you're thinking - "I'm not reapplying sunscreen after all this contouring!" If that's what's holding you back, look for finishing powders with sunscreen in them, so you'd be able to dust it on your face without feeling like you're ruining all your make up. Oh and remember - sunscreen doesn't add up. Putting a product with SPF 10 and another with SPF 30 does not gives you only SPF 30 protection, not 40, so take note!

SPF powders: Sunforgettable Brush-on Sunscreen (SPF 50), jane iredale Powder-Me SPF Dry Sunscreen (SPF 30), Eminence Sun Defense Minerals (SPF 30)

2) Wear protective clothing

So you may not want be looking to wear long sleeves out in the sun, but they're an option if you're totally against UV exposure. In general, dark-colored clothing provides more protection over light-colored fabrics. Tight is better than loose, and dry is better than wet. Easy peasy!

3) Accessorise with hats and sunnies

A great way to look summer ready is with sunnies and hats. They come in various shapes and sizes, so you'll always keep it fun (a wider brim is recommended for hats in summertime). They protect your scalp, face and eyes too, a total bonus! 

Hats - Baked Signature Floppy, Baked Floppy Kids, Escapade Skimmer

Sunnies - ZeroUV ($), Bonnie Clyde ($$), Sunday Somewhere ($$$) 

4) Walk away from tanning beds

Never go into a tanning bed, seriously. Tanning beds emit ultraviolet light and are seriously damaging to your skin. Want that summer glow you've been lusting after? Head to a spray-tanning salon or buy your own home tanning products for an even cheaper alternative- lower price, lesser damage. It's a win-win!

Home Tanning brands: Tanceuticals CC Self Tanning Body LotionSun Laboratories Ultra Dark Self Tanning LotionFake Bake Flawless Self-Tan Liquid

5) Get a little shade

This may sound counter-intuitive when you're out and about, but yes, staying in the shade helps, especially when the sun's rays are at its harshest between 10am-4pm. If you're at the beach, a cute beach umbrella helps. Walking around? Take a break at a coffee shop with shade and people-watch while you sip your iced tea.

Beach Umbrellas (aka brollies): EasyGo Rainbow Beach Umbrella6-Foot Cabana Stripe Beach Umbrella, Sunnylife Rockingham Beach Umbrella 

What do you think? How do you protect yourself from the sun? Any favourite products? We wanna hear about your tips, so leave a comment and stay hydrated ladies

xx twobakedbuns


  • It is so so so so important to be careful when it comes to the sun. Too many people don’t take proper care and not only can the sun cause wrinkles, sun spots and burns but of course we all know the risks of skin cancer. You did a great job highlighting all the different ways we can protect ourselves, and it’s such an important topic to cover! I can’t even believe there’s still such a thing as a tanning bed… thanks for sharing!

    Kirsten Wendlandt
  • Love this! It’s important to protect ourselves in the summer time.
    There are healthy ways to achieve nice tans.

    Ramet Idrizi
  • Such a great post lady. I love all of these great tips for seeking shade and protecting you skin.

  • It’s so important that we protect our skin not only in summer but in the colder months too when we are less aware of the damagingly UV rays present. I agree with your tips especially staying away from tanning beds. It truly isn’t worth dying over a tan

  • Sunscreen is a big one for me, so I definitely agree that it’s important! I always try not to run outside when the sun is out because I hate the heat and it makes my workout even more unbearable. Great tips on seeking shade overall! :)


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