10 Awesome Activities to Indulge In This Summer

Summer is glorious, and a great time for adventures! There's just so much to do, and if you're in a funk, we've got a list of 10 great things to do in summer to get you going.


1) Take an unexpected roadtrip

Spontaneity is key here, so recruit your besties or partner, pack a bag, and just go! Head off the beaten track and make new memories for lifetime. Afterall, the best stories always come from unplanned situations.


2) DIY projects

It's always fun to take on a DIY project, and the accomplishment you feel after (or the laughs when you get a #fail) is totally worth it. Undoubtedly one of the classics; a tie-dye DIY! A little too messy for you? How about DIY beauty treatments where you'll get to learn beauty treatments and indulge in a home spa experience with your girlfriends?


3) Summer movies

Summer blockbusters are calling! The hottest movies of the year always happen during this time, so mark your calendars for the newest releases. Prefer something old school? Head to a drive-in and watch classic movies under the stars, it's guaranteed to be a great time.


4) Read a book (or books!)

Catch up on your reading, whether at home, by the pool, or in an outdoor cafe. Reading's been known to help you de-stress and relax, plus it boosts your brain power at the same time - yay!


5) Head to the beach

You can't(or rather, shouldn't!) go through summer without heading to the beach. Soak up the rays(with care), play a game of volleyball or just people-watch. 


6) Go roller-skating/blading

How long has it been since your feet's been on wheels? Put away those phones and relive the 90s with your friends and family!


7) Get out of your comfort zone

Take a leap of faith, and try something new you've never down before. Climb a mountain, sign up for a marathon, go line fishing or get started on that blog you've been putting off. It'll be worth it.


8) Organise a picnic

Grab some friends and some groceries and head to the park for a day or relaxation and fun. Sun rays a little too harsh in the afternoon?? Indulge in a sunset picnic instead!



  • I really love this entire fun and inspiring post! It makes me want to go roller skating and do a tie dye project! Summer is definitely the perfect time to do something new as well!!

    Jennifer Lee Quattrucci
  • Some really great ideas here of how to make the most of the summer months, especially all the food ideas!

    Luke Ross
  • This is a great little list, I really want to do the picnic thing this summer.

  • Such a perfect list! Summer movies and getting out of my comfort zone are definitely things I plan on doing more of this summer!

    Anthony @oh_anthonio
  • I’ll actually try to make each of your suggestions part of my summer plans, except for number to, that is the DIY project as I truly suck at that, haha. Then again it’s all about having fun so I guess I shouldn’t worry so much about the outcome. Cheers with some cold drinks on the beach!
    Thomas xx

    Thomas Falkenstedt

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