11 Great Reasons to Pack a Travel Scarf for your Holidays

Scarves; the multi-tool of packing. I was never much into scarves, until my first backpacking trip in Europe. I bought a beautiful red scarf in a Berlin street market. Since then, I've never left home without one.

Do you bring scarves on your trips? Yes, no, maybe? No worries, whether you wear scarves or otherwise, this guide will show you their benefits, and if you're halfway around the world without a scarf - fret not, because scarves can be found almost anywhere!

1) Breathe life into your outfits

Scarves jazz up your outfit whenever you need. There are so many different ways to tie a scarf, so even if you're only wearing the same scarf over and over, it can look different. As a accessory, scarves accentuate your outfits, especially during travel. Wearing the same dress 2 days in a row and want to look different in pictures? Add a scarf and you've got a new look for your pictures. It works - I know because I do this all the time!



2) Picnic Blanket/ Beach Mat

They're great to lay on the ground and sit on when you've forgotten your mat, or make an impromptu decision lay under the stars.

3) Warms you up

They are great for flights and bus rides, and I always bring a scarf on board and use it as a jacket or a blanket - whichever feels right!

4) Pillow/Bedsheets

Those budget flights not giving you a little travel pillow? Just bundle up the scarf and put it behind your neck, you'll feel so much better. Beds a little dodgey for you? Lay the scarf as a bedsheet.

5) Towel

Scarves, in desperate circumstances, work well as towels - their length make them great for drying you off as well!

6) Makeshift bag 

Did you know your scarf can be tied into a makeshift when needed? Yup, just tie their sides up and you've got an instant bag on your hands!



7) Weather support

Scarves can act as makeshift hoods over you hair when it's raining or windy out. Or if the sun's in your face, use a scarf to protect your face. This applies during roadtrips for your car as well - use it as a curtain to help with the heat

8) As a anti-dust mask

If you're travelling to countries facing lots of air pollution and/or dust, use a scarf to cover your hair, face and mouth so you won't have to spend your trip coughing every minute. Bring along sunglasses as well for your precious eyes!

9) Modesty

Scarves can help you cover up when you're visiting places of worship - especially around Asia, where temples frown upon showing shoulders and legs (never wear singlets and shorts on a temple-hopping day). Use a scarf to drape over your shoulders, or as a sarong for your legs, and they'll add a nice, homely look to your pictures too!

10) Keep your camera safe

If you're tired of putting in and taking your camera out of the bag each time you've got to take pictures, drape a scarf around your neck to conceal your camera!


11) Lightweight & compact

The best part of scarves? They're lightweight, so it's no trouble bringing them around everywhere, on your neck or in your bag. And they're compact, so you'll be able to bring more than one, and cut down on your other clothing - and yet, still have outfits for days. That alone is enough reason to bring along scarves in my book!

11 great reasons to bring scarves on your next trip for those looking for more uses out of your scarves!

xx Candi on behalf of twobakedbuns

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